In general you can expect a deep, therapeutic massage to help your back pain, shoulder tension, pulled muscles etc. The sports massage therapists in Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic all have a specialist background and understanding to help your ailments.

If however the massage is feeling too deep, please let your massage practitioner know.


Sports massage can be used to treat anyone with musculoskeletal injury, pain or dysfunction, caused by sports, exercise, or simply by life's stresses.It differs from other types of massage in that it uses a wide range of soft tissue techniques, so the therapist is able to be much more specific.

As a result treatments are tailored to your needs. But our sports massage is not only for sporty people and sports injuries, it is used as treatment of the muscles and soft tissues of the body for anybody! It is used as regularly for office workers as it is for athletes for example. For sports people a good sports massage is invaluable in helping with injuries, and improving performance, and recovery. People with sedentary, office based jobs often get pain and dysfunction in muscles and joints due to inactivity, combined with poor posture , and repetitive movement. Sports massage is brilliant at managing and alleviating this along with remedial advice.


Removes waste products and brings fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients to the soft tissues — so aiding and accelerating recovery.


Sports massage deals with the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of the soft tissues of the body and has many benefits.
But our sports massage is not only for sporty people and sports injuries, but is very much used as a specific treatment of the muscles and soft tissues of the body for anybody!
But for sports people a good sports masseur is invaluable to help their sports injuries and performance.


sport massage increases blood flow through the tissues can improve the recovery process allowing the athlete to train more effectively and safely.
sports massage assists the removal of waste products and helps supply the tissues with essential nutrients to aid recovery.
sports massage increases the understanding of the deep tissues, which means advice can be given on specific stretching, training and equipment to help improve performance


Imbalances and damage in deep tissues can be detected earlier and potentially corrected before an injury develops.


Through deep tissue massage, an athlete can learn to monitor their own condition and adjust their training accordingly.


Pre-event sports massage can stimulate circulation, calm nervous tension and help prepare the athlete for optimal performance. Please show the World that you like us by clicking the +1 button

Sports massage therapists in Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic

Nusrat Ceesay, sports massage therapist

Nusrat is a very popular massage therapist in the Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinics and a former British Champion in the 400 meter hurdles event. She is very much in demand, and early booking is advisable.

Anna Markee, LSSMhndip, sports massage therapist and teacher of sports massage

Anna has over 14 years experience as a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist (Soft Tissue Therapist )

She is proud to be part of the team of tutors at London School of Sports Massage established for 25 years and the pioneers of the profession in this country. Anna not only uses general massage techniques - Effleurage Petrissage , Tapotement - but uses and combines advanced soft tissue techniques including Soft Tissue Release (STR) Neuromuscular Technique (NMT) Muscle Energy Technique (MET) Friction , Connective Tissue Technique (CTT) , Myofascial Release , and Positional Release.

On your first appointment it is advised that you book an hour. This is so that Anna can assess you properly. The aim is to determine that soft tissue treatment is appropriate, and then to devise a treatment plan specific to each individual. Anna can also offer advice on a range of remedial exercises and lifestyle factors aimed at speeding up recovery, preventing injury recurrence as well as improving posture, performance and function. During a treatment clients may not just lie flat, but may be asked to change position sit or stand and functional movement can also be used to enhance treatment.
With a background as an ex-professional contemporary dancer Anna is particularly interested in movement and this knowledge informs and feeds into her treatments. She is passionate about the fact that stretching needs to be taught well and safely , and (when stretching is appropriate) does this herself to ensure her clients understand what they are doing and get results.

Anna does not believe in the old school 'no pain no gain' reputation of sports massage and believes this attitude is outdated.
She works with her clients , only using deeper techniques where absolutely necessary. Her clients come from all walks of life and include triathletes, office workers, runners, cyclists, dancers, surgeons , taxi drivers, and photographers to name just a few!
Anna has a busy client list , so early booking is advisable. She enjoys the diversity of the people she meets , and looks forward to meeting you.

Michael Bartley BSc(Hons), LSSM (Dip), Sports massage therapist

Michael qualified through the reputable London School of Sports Massage and has been covering at both clinics over the past 7 years. More recently he has undertaken a weekly Tuesday slot at the Kings Cross clinic and Fridays at the Old Street clinic.
Michael has a degree in Sports Science & Nutrition and is a very keen runner, cyclist and fitness guru, with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. He will be more than happy to offer his expert training and fitness advice, while treating your tired and aching muscles. Michael uses a combination of deep tissue massage, soft tissue release (STR), neuromuscular technique (NMT), friction, mobilization and more recently medical acupuncture to help the tissue back to full function. He prides himself on using minimum pressure and effort with maximum results. A painful massage does not guarantee the best results.
Over the years Michael has acquired a diverse range of clients, including: runners, tri-athletes, semi-pro footballers, office workers, military personnel, yoga practitioners and contortionists (to name a few).

"I am a keen runner and have suffered with long-term niggles from a slightly misaligned pelvis which can cause tightness in my hamstring and piriformis. Whilst training for the London Marathon and post-marathon I visited Michael on a number of occasions for in-depth sports massage on my legs and piriformis. Michael was the consummate professional and expertly and quickly was able to diagnose and apply the most appropriate level and type of massage using his extensive knowledge. His skilful massage most definitely improved my training, performance and post race recovery. I would recommend his services to all sports personnel whether they be novices or highly active"

“After suffering for several weeks with a hip problem, which was affecting my running training, I decided to book an appointment with Michael. Some of the treatment was uncomfortable, at the time, however after only one session he managed to locate and treat the problem area. He prescribed some stretches for me to do at home and within a week I was back to my regular running regime”.

Rita Saha, Sports massage therapsis and Swedish massage therapist

Rita has been practicing Massage Therapy - Performance, Prevention, Recovery and Rehabilitation for over 15 years. During this time she has had the privilege of working with a vast range of Clients, these include Members of the GB Athletics and Weightlifting Team, People with Spinal Cord Injury and Endurance Athletes. Rita enjoys working with new Clients and the challenges this can involve.Rita has experience of working in Football and spent a number of years as a Therapist at a Premiership Rugby Club, traveling with them to away matches Domestic and European, as well as Preseason training overseas. Rita also works with young people and older people. A member of the 2012 Unit in Hackney, Rita continues to work as a Coach/ Instructor for the Borough.

Katherina Zur, massage therapist

Our newest Swedish masseur, Katherina Zur started as a complementary and beauty therapist in 2001. She has worked in many well known 5* hotels including The Sanderson, One Aldwych and Sofitel Hotels. She is fully qualified in Anatomy, Physiology, Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy Massage and Reflexology. She is fully insured with ITPI.

Stephanie Douglas, sports massage therapist

Stephanie used to be a track athlete and competed at two Olympic Games (1992 and 1996), and World Championships representing Team GB and is still in the UK's Top 20 all time of fastest women over 60 and 100 meters. She has won both silver and bronze medals at the Commonwealth Games.

She is our newest sports massage therapist and fits well into the high standards of the Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic with her first hand understanding through her own elte sports background. She provides a range of advanced sports and remedial massage techniques in order to prevent and treat injuries, optimize the healing process and maintain your body in tip top condition. Stephanie's aim is to help each client maximize the potential of their body in order that they can perform to their best, in work, in sport or at rest. This can be achieved through regular treatment, education and body awareness.

She is a fully qualified therapist with a Level 4 Diploma in Sport & Remedial Massage, and aims to use all her skills acquired in providing a first-class service to clients.
Stephanie is also registered with the Sports Massage Association (the leading independent professional body for Sports Massage in the UK) and fully insured.

Ange-Elie Ramarievelo, Sports massage therapist and physiotherapist

Ange-Elie is a therapist with 2 MA, one in Sports Sciences and the second in Physiotherapy and functional rehabilitation. He obtained both with honours. He has strong knowledge in applied anatomy, biomechanics, physiology and nutrition and has been a sportsman since little, doing athletics, gymnastics, motocross, dance, yoga and Pilates. His main sports is football, where he plays at a semi-professional level, therefore understanding the sportsworld and expectations as well as the setbacks/injuries through his own experienced eyes. “In my practice, I can perform varied styles from sports massage to relaxation massage, and use techniques such as deep tissue, soft tissue release, neuromuscular technique, lymphatic drainage, mobilizations along with different type of strokes. “I don't believe in the painful-throughout type of massage. I think pain is a bad signal to send to the brain, it induces reflex reactions that are not going in the sense of purposes. Of massage. Though it can be painful at times, my main focus will be on tissues listening and giving attention to your needs, respecting thus your own sensibility.” “I know the body is organised in muscular chains. During a massage, the main focus is on the posterior one, as this is the chain causing the most suffering. Ultimately, my treatment aim to untie knots, sooth and lengthen this particular chain but also to create balance, symmetry and harmony.”