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Osteopath Torben Hersborg with Newham Essex Beagles

Congratulations to the whole team for winning the British Premier League for club teams for the third year running
Sports osteopath, Torben Hersborg from the Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic who has been the team osteopath since 1996 was excited to see the team winning the British title again - and in May 2010 coming 4th in the Europeans Champions Cup - the highest placing in history by a British club team.
"To look after a whole team of athletes is demanding, but so much more the pleasure to witness such good performances."
Osteopath Torben Hersborg demonstrating ankle and knee adjustments for osteopaths at seminar in Norway.
Apart from treating in the Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic, Torben gives seminars in London and abroad for fellow practitioners

Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinics in the news and a few reviews from clients

"The only man who touches my back (when there are problems) is Torben. He is THE BEST. When I was told my back would take 2 weeks to fix - Torben had me on my feet in 2 days. I don't know what I would do without him. He works miracles."
- Anna Friel *****

I went to Torben's Clinic last Wednesday for the first time. Since Tuesday morning my lower back was blocked, I could not walk, sit or lie normally and each and single movement of my body provoked a very nasty pain. And I had been training for the Paris Half Marathon for 3.5 weeks and very much wanted to run it ! "Not asking for too much" said Torben with humor when I explained the situation. He manipulated me on Wednesday. On Thursday the pain was still there but slightly less and I had recovered a bit of flexibility . I went back for one more session. Friday I felt slightly better and Saturday I could walk in Paris almost without pain. And finally The Day arrived. Not only I took the departure but I did not feel any pain while running and I finished in 1h48 !! So big thanks to Torben ! I definitely recommend his magic hands to any runner in distress 🙂
- Susy Barreau *****

I have been going to Central London Osteopathy for the past 10 years. In my opinion Torben Hersborg and his team are the best in London My initial reason for seeing Torben was a loss of strength and numbness in my right arm and leg. After a few sessions, Torben redirected me to my GP as he suspected something was wrong. I had Peripheral Neuropathy from B12 Deficiency. It would probably have remained undiagnosed until a lot of damage had been done to my spine without his expertise. Over the years Torben has sorted out problems with back from old sporting injuries, my neck from bad desk posture and of course, the legacy of the neuropathy. I trust him and his team completely.
- Noreen Blair *****

After 6 months off running with a dodgy knee, following a Snowboarding injury, I went to see Torben on a recommendation. Two sessions later I was already lacing up and am thrilled with the progress. I've had a number of running and extreme sports related injuries over the years and Torben is hands down the best Physio/Osteopath I've been to - he just gets on with 'fixing' you. Now I wouldn't go anywhere else and would thoroughly recommend him and the clinic.
- Laura Robertson *****

Commonwealth Games

Iwan Thomas applies supreme will

Independent, 19 09 1998 by Mike Rowbottom in Kuala Lumpur
IF ANYONE even faintly doubted it, they know it now: Iwan Thomas is a championship racer par excellence.

The 24-year-old Welshman yesterday added a Commonwealth 400 metres gold medal to the European and World Cup titles he has won in the space of a month, having overcome a back injury, which, he revealed, had left him unable to walk after his second-round heat on Wednesday.

His victory was a blow for his domestic rival Mark Richardson, who had been desperate to make up for his defeat by the Welshman at the European Championships late in July.
Just three days after making the 6,000 miles flight from Johannesburg, the World Cup venue, Thomas completed his trial by ordeal with a time of 44.52 sec as Richardson, teeth clenched with effort, followed him home to take silver in 44.60. It was a demonstration of strength and endurance that was hard to credit. But even the rugged Welshman is human - as it became clear following his win. After his second-round heat a disc in his back began to give him such pain that he was unable to walk properly.

"I was in tears, because I wasn't going to be able to run," he said. Then he heard that Torben Hersborg, a Danish osteopath he knew, was in town and he sent out an SOS.
"Torben arrived at the athletes' village at 11 that night, and he was still working on me at four the following morning," Thomas said. "I felt something go click - and then it was all right."
Twelve hours later he was chatting his way down the final straight with Welsh team-mate Jamie Baulch to qualify from his semi-final in 44.61. Perhaps, he isn't human after all.


I can strongly recommend Central London Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic for the treatment of muscular injuries or back pain. I have been coming to the Old Street Clinic for over 5 years now, initially getting Sports Massage to relieve pain that stemmed from a prolapsed disc in my lower back. The quality of the Sports Massage I have received at the clinic over the years has been so good that I have avoided disc replacement surgery and I have managed to remain comfortable even during pregnancy. This past year my right leg has been giving me a lot of pain and I felt that I was putting too much weight through the right side of my body. I had begun to limp when walking and so I thought I would try an Osteopath session for a change. Almost instantly, Torben seems to have restored the balance in my body - allowing me to feel more sensation in my left leg than I have felt in several years. My posture has improved considerably and I have greater strength now in my legs. My husband (knee) and a friend (back) have used the clinic at my suggestion also and they too report successful treatments. I sometimes feel I would be lost without Central London Osteopathy!
- Nina Innocenti *****

Great practice, great people always extremely friendly and welcoming. I think you should take note of the famous people that visit here clearly shows stars put there own trust in Central London Physiotherapy that's enough to convince me of there qualities.
- Darren Dale *****

I've been seeing Torben for a while now for various sporting injuries. On one occasion back in 2009 I was due to go away on a mountain biking holiday in the lake district two days after badly tearing my hamstring. As soon as I realised I was injured I rushed down to see Torben. I couldn't even walk on that leg when I went in but after Torben's magic I was able to walk out. Recently I had an MRI and X-ray that said I had a torn miniscus in my knee. I was booked in for an operation on Wednesday, as it had been painful to walk on, but after Torben treated it on the previous Friday, the pain had gone? I called the surgeon the evening before the operation and he said, if it isn't painful anymore and you're able to carry on your daily activities then he would recommend not to go ahead with the operation but just to see how it goes; an operation should be the last resort. Torben is amazing at fixing people.
- Mark Kelly *****

I go to see Torben Hersborg, who's based in either Kings Cross or Old Street. He's well worth the trip. He changed my life, no exaggeration. I could hardly walk let alone cycle a few years ago, after all kinds of treatment. He treats the British Olympic Team, if that helps persuade you?! 020 7739 5666.
- Nick *****

I fell down some steps on a crowded New Year's Eve night, landing face down on the ground. Back in London two days later, my hip, back and knee were persistently hurting - I knew my body was out of alignment and needed to be adjusted. As I couldn't get an appointment with a GP soon enough, I googled for an Osteopath in Old Street and I found Central London Osteopath and Sports Injury Clinic. I was very lucky to get an appointment the same day with Osteopath, Diluka Perera. She was very thorough in her examination and questions. I felt so much relief after the first adjustment she made. She recommended I combine my treatments with sport massages, all of which has which delivered tremendous relief for my body and the chronic pain and discomfort I have lived with for a long time. Both massage therapists, Stephanie and Rita worked wonders on my tension and inherently stiff muscles after only two sessions. The treatment I received at the clinic was especially beneficial to both my knees. I've previously been advised by my Orthopaedic surgeon that I will need knee replacement soon but now for the first time in many years, I am able to walk and go up stairs with minimal strain. I highly recommend treatment at both the Old Street and Kings Cross clinics to anyone with neck, back, knees and shoulder issues. The level of expertise, knowledge, professionalism and care delivered by practitioners at the clinic is excellent. They work together to find the best treatment for your body and with this combination you can be assured that you are in the best hands.
- Lai Ong from Australia

I started seeing Torben 1998 when I was an athlete. After years of treatment, I moved away and since then I refused for anyone to get their hands on me. To my amazement after 10 year, I have found Torben again (thanks to Google), and feel as young as when I first saw Torben. Before Torben I had seen lots of Osteopaths; however none could help with my back issues. Torben allowed me train and compete, which was not possible with others. I was over the moon when I located him after just over 10 years of moving around. My back and body feels as good as back in the days. Will totally recommend this guy to anyone, and trust me, after a month of seeing him, you will be leaving feedback like this.
- Paul Osei-Owusu *****

Jock to crock - and back again

Daily Telegrah 14/08/2006

We're all encouraged to take up exercise, but few think of the risks, as James Flint discovered to his cost .
Are you a weekend warrior?
Do you try to keep fit by playing squash once a week?
Or by running round a football pitch on Sunday mornings, then sitting at a desk for the rest of the week?

Far from staying mobile and healthy, you could end up achieving precisely the opposite effect.
I've always tried to keep fit. In my 20s, I played shambolic weekend football. Then I turned to jogging for half an hour every couple of days. Gyms and personal trainers were, I thought, for corporate clones.
And why would I see a doctor or a physiotherapist?
I wasn't running a marathon. All I was doing was staying in shape.
javascript:void(0);Then one day, without the slightest warning, both my knees swelled up like balloons. A scan revealed that the slightly idiosyncratic way in which my legs are formed had allowed the combination of exercise and the muscular stress of long hours at my desk to pull my kneecaps out of line.
For years, they had been rubbing on the films of cartilage that are supposed to lubricate and protect them, and had eventually worn them out. Joe Simpson, whose catastrophic sporting injury provided the plot for Touching the Void, his bestselling book and film, could have told me what I was in for. "Don't believe the doctors," he says, "it's physiotherapists who are the gods"
After he sheared his tibia and rammed it up through his kneecap falling into a crevasse in the Peruvian Andes, surgeons told him he'd never walk without a limp or climb again. But, after several operations and two years of physiotherapy, he has managed both.
In my case, surgery couldn't help and it took two years of physiotherapy to get me mobile again. Thanks to that - and to taking up yoga - I can now cycle and swim, although running and football are out. Whereas Simpson's injury was extremely serious, I had damaged myself by combining relatively mild exercise with desk work.
How many other weekend warriors have done the same thing?
Plenty, according to Torben Hersborg of the Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic. Hersborg, who is the osteopath for the British Modern Pentathlon team, says he sees them every day. "People come in with back problems, but eventually tell me they have a long-term knee or hip problem that has stopped them doing sports."
The trouble is, I didn't know I had such a condition until it was too late. If I'd consulted the likes of Hersborg before I'd started exercising, I might have saved myself much pain and trouble.
Central London Osteopathy & Sports Injury Clinic 020 7833 5530

REVIEW: "The only man who touches my back (when there are problems) is Torben. He is THE BEST. When I was told my back would take 2 weeks to fix - Torben had me on my feet in 2 days. I don't know what I would do without him. He works miracles." - Anna Friel.