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For a limited time Karl Richard gave free treatments for sufferers of these conditions at the end of 2010 and as he impressed both his patients and the clinic we have asked him to join the Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic on a permanent basis
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Please read the patient testimonials below.

Karl is the first practitioner to bring the Gesret method to the UK, and he wishes to quickly make the treatment wellknown to sufferers, so he will hope to have the word spread widely by offering the first few patients free treatments with the GESRET Method.
He certainly impressed principal osteopath of the Central London Osteopathy and
Sports Injury Clinics, Torben Hersborg with his skills, results, personality and enthusiasm, and he has made a lot of sufferes of ASTHMA ALLERGIES ECZEMA and  PSORIASIS very happy.

For further information and bookings, please contact Karl:

Every year in France, 2.500 sufferers die from asthma. After the death of his own son Frank of an asthma attack in 1974, the French Jacques R Gesret dedicated his life to studying the causes of asthma.

He spent ten years studying anatomy, auriculotherapy and traditional Chinese acupuncture.

In 1984 he formulated his findings on the fundamental mechanisms that cause the deregulation of the immune system, and he started to practice in Bayonne. In the following years he improved his techniques through further understanding of how the nervous system operates.

In 1996 he published a book: "Asthme, recherche fondamentale, et nouvelles thérapeutiques des pathologies du système immunitaire", and in 1997: "Acupuncture et ostéopathie, vérité neurophysiologique".  (Asthma, fundamental research and new therapies and pathologies of the immune system and Acupuncture and osteopathy, neurophysiological truth)

From 1985 his studies have been systematically registered and can be consulted at the library of the Paris National Academy of Medicine and at the National Libraries of Paris and Bordeaux.


“Phantom information” or false information
According to Jacques R GESRET, an inflammation is not the real cause but a defensive response. He sees asthma as the body’s normal response to abnormal information perceived as coming from the pulmonary plexus (the network of nerves in the lungs). This he called “phantom information” or false information. This is the same false information as is frequently observed by amputees who experience pain as if originating in the missing limb. “Information confusion” occurs when a nerve ganglion receives abnormal signals at the same time as normal signals from other organs, tendons, muscles, joints and skin tissues.

If a nerve’s fibre is stimulated, then the stimulus will be perceived as having originated at the nerve’s end - in the organs or structures to which the nerve is connected. In the case of asthma, the false information comes from the subdislocations of specific rib joints (three first ribs). In 90% of the cases the problem is on the sufferer’s right hand side.


This fact can be easily checked
With the patient lying supine, check the rib level with your hands flat and high on the chest. You will immediately see that one hand is positioned lower than the other and that the amplitude of inspiration is decreased on that side. Using your index finger you can find possible subdislocations on the lower side (step-like phenomena). These will be confirmed by the patient who will feel pain. Never press hard or long on these subdislocations as this may easily provoke an attack! All asthma patients present the same rib problems, often in combination with an uneven pelvis caused by a short leg.

The technique to stop an asthma attack
An important and sensitive spot was discovered on the side opposite from the subdislocations, between the ribs under the armpit. This point will be painful under pressure, and will immediately provoke an expression of pain across the patient’s face. A slow and gentle massage of this point accompanied by slow and deep inhalation by the patient will almost immediately stop an asthma attack.

But is what we usually know as asthma, true asthma?
Jacques GESRET defined two kinds of breathing difficulties: the first is an exhalation problem (classical asthma) and the second is an inhalation problem (pharyngeal spasms, which are falsely diagnosed as true asthma in 50% of cases).

The inhalation problem concerns patients who complain of irritation in the throat (sensory disturbances in the throat) causing a small, dry cough reflex especially during the night (usually from midnight till two o’clock in the morning) and followed by a strong pharyngeal spasm which blocks the inhaled air. This problem comes from the irritation of a nerve (the Glossopharyngeal nerve) provoked by a disturbance in the position of the first cervical vertebra (atlas). It is possible to induce this cough by simply placing a cotton bud in one ear canal, but not the other.

The exhalation problem is true asthma, whose symptoms are well known: the chest is feels stuck and dilated, the patient inhales rapidly with the help of the diaphragm (abdominal breathing) then exhales slowly and with much difficulty through pursed lips and with wheezing originating from the blocked bronchi.

Means of treatment
Jacques GESRET has set up diagnostic tests and a treatment protocol of gentle manual techniques aiming at clearing all symptoms (in more than 90% of the cases) in 3 to 4 sessions of about one hour.

Parents of children report results are apparent almost immediately (reporting that vital capacity is improved as of the first treatment), whilst adults find the success depends on the age of the patient, whether they suffer from degenerative osteoarthritis and how long the sufferer has had the disease. Nevertheless, even in the worst cases a better quality of life has been experienced by the patient.


In his first book, Jacques Gesret demonstrated the relationship between the mechanical disturbance of the first thoracic segment, its influence on the stellar ganglion – which has long been suspected as the cause of problems by many practitioners – and the disruption to the responses of the immune system.

The manual correction of this mechanical disturbance stops the false information coming from the stellar ganglion, and the response from the immune system normalizes within a few weeks (verified since 1985).


The basic principles are the same as for asthma: blocked joints result in false information being stimulated in the nerves, appearing to come from the areas of skin where the nerves originate. The defense mechanisms of the body will then respond in those skin areas.

What is the difference between eczema and psoriasis?
Whilst both are associated with blockages of the pelvis and disturbances of the 1st and 9th thoracic levels, the difference comes from which side of the body has the shorter leg - right for eczema and left for psoriasis. 

If the shorter leg is on the right hand side, the pelvis will be lowered on the same side, the 9th dorsal will disturb the nerve from the liver and the first rib will be pushed back on the right side.

If however the shorter leg is on the left hand side, then the ninth dorsal will disturb the nerve from the pancreas.

These findings are omnipresent. There is of course a strong interrelationship between eczema and psoriasis since eczema can be psoriasiform and psoriasis can be eczematiform. In such cases the 9th dorsal vertebra disturbs both the nerves from the pancreas and the liver.

Treatment’s strategies:
These are the same for asthma, allergies, eczema and psoriasis. Asthma, allergies and eczema has been seen disappear in as little as three weeks. Treatment of psoriasis sufferers usually will be done three treatments at weekly intervals and another one or two treatments, one or two months later.
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Developed by Jacques GESRET, the treatment protocol can be learnt by any experienced practitioner in osteopathy, chiropractic or manual medicine. The tuition is done in the surgery of the therapist with his or her own patients. He or she will learn specific techniques to balance the pelvis and the thoracic cage, and techniques to ensure perfect alignment of first cervical bone, together with all the tests necessary for examination and control. These techniques are so gentle they can even be used on a three weeks old child suffering from eczema.

Karl Richard is the first practitioner to bring the Gesret Method to England and he will be giving seminars later in 2011 to registered osteopaths.


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